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    aTinyWang Icon

    19 Apr 2013 - 12:02
    Very cool. I can't believe we've never spoken before. You have been a member for a long time. Perhaps we have and I just don't remember. I can't wait to get the darn game up and running again. Off I go, I'll talk to you later.
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    Mellivora Icon

    19 Apr 2013 - 06:14
    I have not no. I only go to UF when there is an event,e because my step father is on the Board Of Trustees/pharmacy. I never went to school there. UCI/Penn State all the way! :p
  3. Photo

    aTinyWang Icon

    18 Apr 2013 - 20:20
    My apologies, I did not look at your profile until after writing that. My brother attended UF for 6 years. I remember being 15-16 years old hanging out at the college parties up there. Good times. Now mainly I work along I-75 sometimes I-4. I work on billboards, when there is work to be done. Also, have you ever been to the hoggetown fair by the gainsville airport?
  4. Photo

    Mellivora Icon

    18 Apr 2013 - 17:03
    WOman. :p That's cool, I go that way sometimes..whenever there is a UF event.
  5. Photo

    aTinyWang Icon

    18 Apr 2013 - 13:38
    hey man I'm out in the ocala nation forest area, just south of gainesville. currently 32182
  6. Photo

    Mellivora Icon

    17 Apr 2013 - 21:17
    Howdy, which part of FL are you in? :) 32837 for me.
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    {ronin} Icon

    24 Aug 2012 - 09:57
    vote fer me,plz bro
  8. Photo

    RayWilliamJonsn Icon

    14 Nov 2011 - 18:42
    Hey WANG you remeber me yeh? I decided to join. BUT i dont know how to become a clan member please HELP :)
  9. Photo

    Centipedicus Icon

    31 Jul 2011 - 23:43
    wang.. help me get these idiots banned! they kick people for no reason and temporarily ban them. totally abusing the vote process
    Connorb26 dunganhopper
  10. Photo

    Centipedicus Icon

    28 Jul 2011 - 06:36
    oh wang! where art thou?
  11. Photo

    aTinyWang Icon

    12 Jun 2011 - 23:29
    what site?
  12. Photo

    Centipedicus Icon

    10 Mar 2011 - 19:01
    WANG what happened to the site? did it get shut down?
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